At St. Alban’s, we take fun seriously! At all-parish fellowship events like potlucks, our annual picnic, and seasonal gathering you can expect to have good food and good company.

One Meal at a Time

“Meet your parish family...One Meal at a Time” is the premise of this fellowship opportunity. The lay leaders create “One Meal at a Time” (OM@T) groups by grouping parishioners that span ages, household statuses, vocations, interests, length of time at St. Alban’s, and even which service (9:00 a.m. or 11:15 a.m.) they attend. At a kick-off potluck at the beginning of the semester, participants meet their group and decide on when and where they will have dinner once each month for the next three months. This is a short-term commitment, since registration happens at the beginning of each semester and the groups are shuffled each time.