Liturgical Leadership

Liturgical Leadership

If you are interested in taking part in any of these roles, please speak with Rev. Anne or contact our Parish Administrator Lisa Perez.


Acolytes assist the Rector at the altar and in processions, carryingthe cross (crucifer) and the Bible.  They light the candles and assist with the preparation for Eucharist and the collection of the Offertory. Their talents and training make our regular Sunday morning services and special services ever so blessed and efficient.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is behind every service at St. Alban’s. Their main duty is to prepare the sanctuary for worship services on Sunday and to clean up after each service. They change the hangings on the altar as the occasion dictates. They set up the Pascal candle duringEaster and for baptisms. During the Advent and Christmas season, they set out the Advent Wreath and the crèche figurines. If there is a service at the church, someone from the Altar Guild is there before the service to get things prepared!  They train new members by pairing them with more experienced members, so please consider volunteering to participate in this wonderful ministry.

Floral Guild

Talented parishioners arrange the beautiful flowers seen at the Altar. 
In the past, we paid a florist - and then realized we have giftedindividuals who could do a wonderful job! Members of the floral guild take turns arranging them for Sunday mornings. Even if you don’t know how to arrange flowers yet, the floral guild would be happy to show you how.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

A Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM) is a trained lay person, approved by the vestry and licensed by the bishop to administer the consecrated elements of the Eucharist. At St. Alban’s, they carry the chalice containing the wine during Holy Eucharist.

Readers and Intercessors

Readers and intercessors read the lessons and lead the prayers of the people respectively during worship on site or offsite at our monthly celebration of Holy Eucharist with Senior Care at Onion Creek. Both the ministries of reader and intercessor fall under the category of Worship Leaders. Like those who serve as Eucharistic Ministers and Eucharistic Visitors, these ministers are trained, approved by St. Alban’s vestry, and licensed by our diocesan bishop. 

Server Scheduler

It takes a lot to coordinate all of the roles for each Sunday! Parish Administrator, Lisa Perez, schedules all of our Sunday morning servers. Please direct all scheduling emails to


Ushers are an integral part of Sunday services at St Alban’s. They distribute worship bulletins as people enter, answer questions, and offer guidance as needed. During the offertory towards the middle of the service, they collect the Offering.Ushers also serve for other church services and events such as musical concerts throughout the year. 


The Verger helps round up all of the other servers who are scheduled to serve and makes sure everything on the altar and in the rest of the church is ready. In ages past, vergers used a stick called a Virge to move animals and sometimes people to the side so that the priest and altar servers could get to where they needed to be. Today, when you see Vergers carrying a virge they are leading somebody somewhere. Sometimes they lead the choir up to the communion rail. Sometimes they lead readers to the lectern. When serving Vergers wear a black robe with blue fabric called a scapular over it. If you ever have a question on Sunday mornings, just ask the Verger! 

Vestment Cleaning Guild

All of those serving at the Altar wear special vestments, which need to be laundered regularly. The Vestment Cleaning Guild washes these vestments monthly on a rotating schedule. They do their work with care and expertise.